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Nov 21, 2019

Professor Amanda Barnard is a GP, member of the National Asthma Council Board and Chair of the Australian Asthma Handbook guideline committee, Australia's national guidelines for asthma management.  She is interim head of the School of Rural Medicine, a Charles Sturt University and Western Sydney University joint program in medicine.  She has written and researched widely and is currently a member of the General Practice Advisory Group for the Lung Foundation Australia. An awarded teacher and educator, Amanda currently serves on a number of state and national bodies with education, training, rural workforce and health system briefs.

Australian Asthma Handbook =

"How-to use" inhalers educational videos =


  1. Review and management of wheezing and asthma in children from 0-12 years
  2. Definitions of good vs poor control
  3. How often to review
  4. Reducing medications
  5. General principles of asthma management
  6. Referring and resources

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