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Jul 6, 2019

Kim Poyner is a practice nurse, health coach and previously an ICU nurse.  She is the Founder of MediCoach and the winner of the 2015 APNA Best Practice Award in Nursing for Chronic Disease Management.  Simon Matthews is a psychologist and fitness coach with a special interest in behaviour change and lifestyle interventions.  He is also CEO of WellCoaches Australia.

This episode is by demand as many people contacted us after my first episode with Kim asking for advice on how to put health coaching into practice.

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Behaviour Change Agent Program Dates 2019:
Melbourne 13 September 2019,
Sydney 20 September 2019,
Brisbane 11 October 2019,
Auckland NZ 18 October 2019

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 Conflicts of interest: Kim owns medicoach and Simon is the CEO of Wellcoaches Australia and hence receive payment for their work in training.

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