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Dec 18, 2017

Today I am joined by A/Professor David Colquhoun, Cardiologist, Lipidologist, President of the QLD Heart Foundation, Co-President of the Clinical and Preventative Council of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, and Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland School of Medicine.  He has dedicated his life to reducing cardiovascular disease, and pleasingly with a strong focus on improving lifestyle factors.


Risk assessment and importance of using overall risk instead of single factors,
Calcium score scan use,
Risk calculation in those >75 years,
Risk assessment and treatment options including mediterranean diet, exercise, mental health, social isolation, even owning dogs versus cats!
Fibrates and triglycerides

Post production:

Mediterranean Diet detail and benefits

Statins - efficacy, indication, side effects (fatigue, myalgia, diabetes, memory/cognitive impairment, rhabdomyolysis, haemorrhagic stroke) and bias in statin studies


Calcium Score Scans -

Mediterranean Diet:



Fatigue - 

Memory - 

Diabetes - 

Myalgia/stroke -,

Bias -